Private Jets from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport

Toronto: Private Jets from Pearson International Airport


Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is home to dozens of commercial airlines, but did you know that many private charter jet companies also operate out of the facility? In fact, every day VIPs fly in and out of Pearson, to destinations across North America and throughout the world. Is private jet travel a good option for your organization?

If you believe that your time and the time of your team members is valuable, you may want to reassess how you travel. When you consider all of the aspects involved, it can be more cost-effective to charter a jet than to fly business class on an airline.


Time Is Money


If you and your colleagues are accustomed to flying business class, you may be wasting a great deal of time. Here are some of the ways in which private jet charters save time:

  • Airport Proximity. As noted, taking off and landing at an airport near your offices can save you hours of commute time.
  • Security Lineups. When you charter a jet, regulations regarding security are far less stringent than those of commercial airlines. Arrive minutes before take-off, and feel free to bring liquids, sporting equipment, and pets. Avoid having to arrive hours early in order to stand in lineups.
  • Flight Plans. When flying commercial, you are at the mercy of their schedule. With chartered jets, you set the schedule. Need to arrive early? Need extra time to conclude negotiations? Flight plans can be tailored to your specific needs, and can even be changed in mid-air if necessary. Don’t waste time with unnecessary stopovers, or overnights in hotels. Arrive where you want to be, when you want to be there.
  • Flight Patterns. Because private jets usually fly higher and faster than commercial liners, your time in the air may be shorter. Some jets reach speeds of five hundred miles per hour.
  • Working Conditions. Commercial flights offer a variety of distractions, from crying babies to talkative seatmates, from pilot announcements to passengers in the aisles. In a private jet, you will have the privacy and quiet you need to work productively. Book a jet that provides all of the amenities you need, from Wi-Fi to telephone service, from worktables to power outlets. If you are travelling with team members, you will have uninterrupted time to brainstorm. A private jet also makes a great venue for negotiating a deal or planning a merger.

Comfort and Luxury


In addition, chartering a private jet has other advantages. Enjoy the ultimate in travelling comfort by customizing the food and beverage options. Have the undivided attention of a top-notch flight crew. And enhance your company image by arriving at your destination in style.


Choose a charter company that offers different aircraft options, and that has an impeccable safety record. Most charter companies fly to many different destinations, and have access to thousands of regional airports.


Before booking your next business class flights through Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, explore the option of chartering a private flight. Cost-effective, convenient, and comfortable, travelling by private jet may be the best – and most enjoyable – option for your business!